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Teflon Encapsulated O-rings And Gaskets

Square Cross-Section Ring Seals. Same as FEP above plus:

• Retrofits into standard O-Ring groove
• Larger sealing surface
• Less squeeze required for sealing
• Effects more positive seal
• Rectangular cross-section also available

• Solid silicone & Viton™ core

For part numbers of gaskets with Viton™ cores, substitute V for S.




Cosmetic Industry:

Transferring perfumes and oils
Blending and batching oils and
greases for soap

Paints and Dyes:

Mixing color pigments


Blending raw materials

Bulk Liquid Transfer:

Mining slurries, agricultural chemicals, brewing

Kingseal Silicone, Viton™ or EPDM O-Rings encapsulated with FEP of PFA is designed to address the growing problem of sealing in the most hostile chemical and temperature environments. The TFE encapsulated O-ring combines the best qualities of two materials, FEP and PFA on the outside with its chemical inertness and an elastomer on the inside for resilience. This unique combination forms a highly effective, long-lasting seal for the most demanding applications.


Kingseal TFE Encapsulated O-rings are available in over 60 standard cross-section

sizes from .63" (1.60mm) to 1-1/4 (31.75mm). Standard TFE encapsulated O-rings

are comprised of FEP over silicone, Viton™, or EPDM and can be used in temperatures

from -75°F to +400°F (-60° to +205°C) depending upon the choice of elastomer.

For high temperature applications to 500°F (260°C), our TFE encapsulated O-ring

is made with PFA over silicone. PFA has higher mechanical strength than FEP or TFE

at  elevated temperatures and has excellent crack and stress  resistance.



Teflon encapsulated O-Rings are primarily used as a static seal (axial or radial).

Standard TFE Encapsulated O-Rings in round or square cross-section are manufactured

in sizes to AS 568A industry standards. Non-standard sizes are also available for custom

designs, along with a full range of metric (ISO) sizes.



FEP-encapsulated O-Rings (Flourinated Ethylene Propylene):


• Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance

• Low coefficient of friction

• Resilience with choice of elastomeric cores

• Low compression set

• Temperature range: -75°F to 400°F (-60°C to 205°C)

• Unlimited sizes (No tooling charges)

• Solid and hollow silicone, Viton™ cores

• FDA compliant materials available

• USP Class VI approved materials available


PFA-encapsulated O-Rings ( Perflouroalkoxy).

Same as FEP above but with these added benefits:


• High temperature applications to 500°F (260°C)

• Higher mechanical strength
• Better flex-life
• Low vapor permeation
• Excellent stress and crack resistance
• Longer wearability


Typical Applications


TFE Encapsulated Gaskets provide a superior seal for any bulk

liquid transfer in manufacturing, distribution of storage.


Chemical Processing:


From trucks to storage
From storage to process areas


Petroleum Industry:

Deliveries to service stations

Oil canning

Blending grease and oil

Mixing oil additives


Rubber and Plastics:

Blending liquids and resins


Printing and Marking Equipment:

Hose connector


Viton™ is a registered trademark of Dupont Performance Elastomers

Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Dupont.


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