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Kingseal supplies a superior and innovative range of rod boots/bellows or expandable covers for the construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, steel mills and many other types of industrial applications.


Available Products



•  Expandable cylinder rod boots
•  Expandable gasket covers
•  Split rod covers
•  Expansion Joints
•  Expandable discharge chutes



Way Covers

•  Furnace Covers
•  Screw jack covers
•  Linear screw covers
•  Dust seals for Shaker Sizing Screen
•  Protective sleeves



• NEONY - resistant to moderate chemicals, acids, oils, grease, ozone and many types of solvents.

• ALUMINIZED KEVLAR - an aramid blend fabric that is heat resistant, extra tough and extra flexible


Benefits of Protective Coverings

• Resistant to puncture, abrasions, flame, sparks, acids and chemicals
• Reduce costly down time
• Retaining grease
• Extends machine life
• Protect against dirt, dust and rocks
• Eliminates pitting and scoring to the cylinder shaft
• Protection from abrasive particles and chips
• Easy to install


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